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Buyers love bundles

Our buyers get an incredible value when they purchase one of our curated bundles. (We make it a no-brainer of a deal.)


Your digital product ends up in the hands of thousands of new buyers and subscribers (at no cost to you!)


Increase subscribers when buyers opt into your courses and other digital products


Our partners receive 50% commissions from each bundle sold through their affiliate link (Ex: $97.00 bundle= $48.50).

The Grow Your Email List Bundle by Brainiac Bundles was my first contributor opportunity, the Quiz Planner and Sales Funnel Planner I contributed gave me an opportunity to gain more visibility for my brand Blogging and Business Coaching, and to share and add value as a coach and business owner. The Grow Your Email List Bundle is an explosive opportunity to teach and share!

Cynthia Crosby
Cynthia CrosbyBlogging & Business Coach, Entrepreneur & AmbassadorBlogging & Business Coaching; Petals & Pens


Become a contributor for increased visibility, subscribers, and sales (at no cost to you)

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out our Application form and one of our team members will reach out to you ASAP.

How do I get subscribers?

For ebooks and pdfs, we encourage you to embed affiliate links, opt-ins, tripwires, and upsells into your digital product.
For courses, software, and other digital products, you can provide a link for buyers to opt into your offering, or a coupon code to a shopping cart that collects email addresses.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid via paypal approximately two weeks after the sale ends. [So a sale ending on the 7th will pay out around the 24th of the month.]

How do buyers pick up their items?

Each bundle is hosted on a password protected membership site where buyers can download all ebooks and pdfs at once, and then click on the links to be taken to courses, software, and other digital items.

Do I have to promote the sale?

There are no requirements to promote the sale, although your commissions are based on sales that come in through your affiliate link. The more you promote the bundle, the more money you make.

How much does it cost to participate?

Becoming a contributor costs absolutely nothing. We pay you!

How do you get paid?

We make our money at the back-end of the sale after the following expenses are deducted:
Facebook ads
Hosting and sales pages
Affiliate and shopping cart program
Tech support